With the final event of BiDiMoVe on 24.09.2021, the “bus acceleration of the future” will start in Hamburg. The project “BiDiMoVe” (“Bidirectional, Multimodal, Networked”) is an initiative for intelligent acceleration and networking of public transport and was funded by the BMVI. The central bus acceleration is realized by the product C-CALL from GEVAS software.

The line M26 in Rahlstedt starts as a pilot for the city of Hamburg. More than 11,500 people travel on this line every working day. C-CALL enables buses and traffic lights to communicate with each other and achieve optimized traffic light control. Precise and adaptable prioritization of the buses enables a dynamic and flexible response to traffic and delay, thus achieving increased punctuality and improved adherence to schedules.

The bus drivers receive a speed recommendation via display in order to reach the preceding traffic light at green. At bus stops, the BiDiMoVe system recommends the optimal time for departure in order to pass through the next intersection without stopping.

RSU (Road Side Units) and an RSU control center from our parent company AVT STOYE konform compliant with the OCIT-O V3.0 standard are used to connect with the buses. This Network enables the timely and bidirectional connection of buses and traffic lights with C-CALL. The new system will be presented at the ITS World Congress in October.