CROSSIG 6.1 will be available from September 2016.

Your main new benefits from CROSSIG 6.1:

  • New user-friendly graphical intersection editor for a complete supply from the (and as before graphical calculation of the conflict points).
  • Supply of MAP/TOPO standard for the support of C2X-Applications.
  • New RiLSA 2015 and HBS 2015 standards.

Furthermore CROSSIG 6.0 has the come to expect functions to plan, test and supply signal control systems. The main distinctive features of the traffic engineers workstation CROSSIG are:

  • Continuous supply chain according to OCA (Open Traffic City Association).
  • Support of OCIT interface included in the basic version.
  • Support of several traffic signalling guidelines (amongst others for German, Poland, Austria, Switzerland).
  • Direct supply of traffic light controllers independent from the traffic controller manufacturer via openTRELAN/TRENDS* (amongst others TRENDS is implemented for the controllers of AVT Stoye, A-Ster, Gesig, MSR, Dynniq (PEEK/STM), Swarco (Signalbau Huber, Dambach), St├╝hrenberg, Sila, Vialis).
  • Flexibility respected to your individual style of programming traffic actuated control.
  • Supply of the model-based local traffic signal program PTV Epics and of the adaptive network control PTV Balance.
  • CROSSIG is currently available in German, English and Polish
  • Green Wave Optimization: Model-based optimization of a road stretch using genetic algorithms.

For further information, also on prices and CROSSIG as a Service you can contact us via

* The description language TRELAN and the graphical editor openTRELAN make traffic adaptive control transparent and practical. TRENDS kernel is an intelligent software kernel that executes traffic adaptive control in different software environments in the exact same manner. The TRENDS kernel is embedded into nearly all controllers used in the DACH area and in the TRENDS test station.