You can profit from our current spring promotion 2015

Trillions of TomTom users voluntarily share their usage statistics that are stored in a large database.

So far TomTom has collected 11.8 billion GPS data since 2008.

We already have integrated those data in our traffic management software VTmanager. Thus we are improving traffic of the cities like Düsseldorf and Kassel, see following link

In addition to the online data in a complete traffic management center we offer historic traffic data from TomTom. You can download speed data, travel time, or user data for your traffic management, your “before and after” studies, your traffic modelling, risk analysis or for your site location analysis relating to your research parameters very easily from the Internet:

  • CTT: Custom Travel Times for user defined travel times
    covers all roads, from major motorways to local and destination roads, throughout Europe
  • CAA: Custom Area Analysis for user defined analysis of areas
    provides highly granular speed and bottleneck information for small or large roads throughout Europe

Our special of March 2015:

Receive 30% off the suggested retail price until March 31st, 2015*

The traffic data packages you obtained during this promotion are to be used also after March 31, 2015 for your analyses.

For any requests you may contact

*Terms and conditions:
This promotion is only valid for new TomTom customers and only for the standard products Custom Travel Times and Custom Area Analysis. Maximum order volume per customer is 15.000,- € excl. VAT. Any existing quotations from tomtom are excluded