The traffic management software VTmanager by GEVAS software has been directing the traffic in the system of traffic  management center in Düsseldorf for years. Within KoMoDnext, it is extended by a new open V2I platform (Vehicle to Infrastructure Platform). This platform will allow the cyclists and vehicles at traffic lights to be registered via smartphones or navigation backends of vehicle manufacturers. In this way, the traffic light control is informed about the individual traffic participants and can react optimally.

Reciprocally, the V2I platform will provide vehicles with information that will support highly automated driving particularly in the city.


In the predecessor project KoMoD , GEVAS software already developed the smartphone app trafficpilot, which offers a green-wave assistant and a remaining-red-light display. Now, cyclists can be registered at traffic lights using the V2I platform to get an individual green wave. Exemplary test vehicles from Audi, Ford, DLR and RWTH Aachen University are also connected to the V2I platform.