Project Description

Traffic Computer Basel

Basel, the third-largest city in Switzerland, is an important European hub. More than 700.000 people live in the trinational metropolitan area. Many enterprises are based in Basel, the city is a center for trade and culture and an intersection of the traffic routes between Switzerland, Germany and France. Consequently, there is a lot of traffic on Basel’s roads and the highways around the city.

Basel’s traffic computer, however, was built in 1979. Its technology is out-of-date and does no longer meet today’s demands. GEVAS software thus built up a new OCIT-compatible traffic center in Basel together with Bergauer AG.

The new traffic computer communicates with the light signal systems via standardized OCIT interfaces. As well, remote recording of light signal states and remote supply of the control units are possible. In addition, the new center is connected to a superordinate control system, which is a central window to the electronical facilities of the Swiss national streets.

Polizei- und Militärdepartement der Kantonspolizei Basel-Stadt