Project Description

TÜS Berlin

Berlin public transportation authorities BVG operate subways, tramways and bus lines in the German capital. All three networks each are the largest in Germany.

Tramways and buses in Berlin are accelerated at light signals by local, traffic-dependent control methods, so that the dead-times are minimized. A GPS/radio system manages the registration and deregistration of the vehicles. To guarantee a high level of quality of the whole acceleration system, it is necessary to monitor all facilities permanently and automatically.

In 2000, the BVG has commissioned GEVAS software to realize the first stage of the Technical Monitoring System for tramway acceleration (TÜS1). The system is in operation, the software basis is Function Control and Analysis System VTmonitor by GEVAS software.

Because quality control with FAS worked so well in Berlin, the system was expanded in 2007. Now all bus lines are included. Altogether, up to 1.250 light signal systems are monitored permanently and automatically.

Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe BVG