Project Description

Traffic Management in Frankfurt

Since 2001, the City of Frankfurt am Main has implemented an Integrated Traffic Management Center (IGLZ) with an exceptionally high level of cross-linking. By connecting almost all potential data providers, actuators, partners and centers it is possible to give reliable up-to-date traffic information to the road users and to influence the traffic situation in an effective way.

Intelligent traffic management systems like in Frankfurt are the most efficient means for dealing with dense city traffic and to use the existing infrastructure the best way possible.

Within the IGLZ project, GEVAS software was responsible for the core component. This traffic management center built up in Frankfurt comprises traffic situation report, strategy management with workflow system, event management, Internet information portal (, and various interface components for connecting data providers and data recipients. The system is expanded continuously, especially by connecting OCIT-compatible traffic computers and light signal systems.

City of Frankfurt am Main

Up-to-date traffic information on the Internet: