Project Description

The Mobility Data Marketplace (MDM) is a data exchanger for urban navigation services and traffic management data.

Cities like Düsseldorf and Frankfurt am Main have lots of traffic information data, which they process, integrate and utilize in their traffic management centers. Now these cities plan to make this data available to mobility service providers – for example the project partner INRIX Europe GmbH. Thus the service providers will have a better data basis for navigation services or traffic reports. On the other hand, the cities will open up a new possibility to bring their high-quality data “on the road” and to improve the traffic flow.

In order to simplify and to standardize the data exchange between public data providers and private data users, German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) has launched the Mobility Data Marketplace MDM. With the mobility data marketplace, the traffic data are sent via a central platform. Suppliers and recipients of traffic data only have to operate one single data connection.

In the pilot project managed by GEVAS software, the MDM will now be put into operation and tested under real conditions.

The cities of Düsseldorf and Frankfurt – with their traffic management centers by GEVAS software – build up a permanent OTS2 interface to the MDM. INRIX will then receive detector data, parking data, messages and route recommendations and use this data for mobility services. These services will be made available by BMW for the ConnectedDrive system – BMW offers dynamic routing with current traffic conditions for the Internet or the in-car navigations systems. Project partner traffic information and management GmbH (TIM) provides the cities with detector data in a public private partnership model.

In addition, GEVAS software will create a user framework for the MDM, i.e. modules with example codes and test facilities within a virtual machine. This user framework will make it much easier for new partners to take part in MDM and to become an actor on the new marketplace for dynamic traffic data.

Research Period: 2011 – 2014

Project Management:
GEVAS software GmbH

Projekt Partners:
OCA, City of Düsseldorf, traffic information and management GmbH, INRIX Europe GmbH

Associated Partners:
BMW AG, City of Munich, City of Leipzig, City of Kassel, City of Frankfurt am Main

Supported by Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development