Project Description

Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt build up an effective traffic management, improving the quality of the traffic flow and offering better traffic information for the road users. The project partners create an innovative concept for de-centralized, comprehensive traffic management, which is available for the residents of the Leipzig/Halle metropolitan region, the local logistics industries and the Central German public transport network since 2009.

GEVAS software was associated partner and developed applications for traffic management and information services, which were integrated into systems by different project partners. The City of Leipzig plays an important role for the MOSAIQUE data network. The Traffic Management Center in Leipzig (VSMZ) with systems by GEVAS software is the integrative platform. It collects raw and measured data from all detectors in the Leipzig region and passes it over to the MOSAIQUE partners.

We support the partners in creating these interfaces with the OTS standard, and provide the OTS server for the MOSAIQUE data network. The server in the VSMZ traffic management center enables all participants in the network to receive data from the center via an OTS standard interface. The Leipzig traffic computer will be connected to the traffic management center, as well as the traffic model by PTV – this shows the openness and flexibility of VTmanager, the traffic management system by GEVAS software.

Research Period: 2005 – 2009

Supported by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Supported by the Free State of Saxony and the Land Saxony-Anhalt