Project Description

Strategy Manager NRW

Strategy management means comprehensive traffic control – all available data, rules, control methods and information sources are used.

In North Rhine Westphalia, GEVAS software has built up such a strategy management. The Land North Rhine Westphalia with its traffic computer center in Leverkusen and the City of Düsseldorf can coordinate their strategies the best way possible.

This integrated approach offers a lot of opportunities for more efficient traffic strategies in the whole region. The system opens new capacities in the networks of both authorities. For example, better detour routes can be displayed on the freeways when congestion in Düsseldorf affects the whole region. However, the authorities of the Land and of the City of  Düsseldorf always remain equal partners. 

VTmanager, the strategy management system by GEVAS software, was used for this project. Automatic situation detection registers traffic events. The workflow system reacts with the appropriate strategies. The system always takes into account how the measures match with operational guidelines by both partners. Thus an optimal strategy for the whole traffic network can be implemented. Operators have the possibility of manual interventions.

In order to connect the strategy manager to the existing systems, GEVAS software has developed an OTS interface for the data distributor. The new interface KEx OTS enables communication between the central data distributor of North Rhine-Westphalia and the OTS system of the City of Düsseldorf.

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