Project Description

SHARE is a new research project in Salzburg that goes perfectly with our philosophy: signal optimization for all traffic participants and high-level reduction of traffic emissions. For that purpose, EPICS will be applied in Salzburg. EPICS is an instrument by GEVAS software especially for adaptive signal control at single intersections.

What does SHARE mean?

The project name SHARE is – like often at GEVAS software – an acronym, meaning Salzburg Hybrid Advanced Road Efficiency. At the same time, “sharing” is the basic idea of the whole project. In a city, many traffic participants with different means of transportation share a common space: the road, where cars, pedestrians, cyclists, tramways and buses are on their way. The aim of SHARE is to control traffic intelligently and comprehensively, so that it respects the interests of all traffic participants.

Three focal points

The first focus of the project is emission caused by motorized individual traffic and public transportation. In SHARE, emissions will be a direct parameter for optimization with EPICS signal control, and be specifically reduced.

The second aspect focuses on non-motorized traffic. A newly developed video system will be able to detect quantities of pedestrians and cyclists. Local signal control will therefore be able to include their waiting times into the optimization process – this means that signal control will consider the demands of all traffic participants.

The third project objective is a tactical manner of driving for public transportation vehicles. Drivers will be able to operate their buses so that there will be as little emission as possible. The two key aspects of an optimal manner of driving are few start-up procedures and smooth driving at constant speeds. Smartphones in the buses will signalize the optimal driving mode. In addition, the new technical infrastructure will be used as well for public transport prioritization.

Test area in Salzburg

The SHARE test area is in the center of Salzburg, around the famous Old Town on both sides of the Salzach River. EPICS will be implemented at central intersections. The test area has a high volume of individual and public traffic; due to the central location, there are as well lots of cyclists and pedestrians. Short, the area is a perfect test field to demonstrate and evaluate the SHARE research concept.

Research Period: 2011 – 2013

Project partners: City of Salzburg, Salzburg AG, ÖBB Postbus, Technische Universität Graz, Austrian Institute of Technology, GEVAS software Austria

Supported by Federal Ministry of Traffic, Innovation and Technology bm:vit – Österreichische Forschungsförderungsgesellschaft FFG