Project Description

It is the philosophy of GEVAS software to create intelligent solutions for road traffic. Traffic-adaptive network control surely is such a solution, as is communication between a car and its surrounding infrastructure: Car-to-X Communication.

If a traffic light tells the car drivers at what speed they can catch the green wave the best way possible, the traffic flow will improve. The car can also inform the drivers about congestions, traffic blocks or accidents, which will enhance road safety. As well, the cars could communicate among themselves – groups of vehicles will no longer act like single, secluded units, but move more efficiently and with better coordination. Finally, the information from Car-to-X communication can be used for traffic control optimization and a more precise traffic forecast. In short: Car-to-X communication is an important aspect of future road traffic.

GEVAS software is involved in simTD, the largest Car-to-X research project in Germany. simTD stands for “Safe and Intelligent Mobility – Test Field Germany”. It is a joint project, involving the leading German automakers and automotive suppliers, the communication industry and research institutes.

In the Frankfurt metropolitan area, the project partners are testing Car-to-X communication with up to 400 test cars in various traffic scenarios. GEVAS software is a subcontractor of the City of Frankfurt and is currently establishing traffic-adaptive network control and the interface to the Car-to-X server.

GEVAS software extends the existing Integrated Traffic Management Center with traffic-adaptive network control BALANCE, which turns the district of Frankfurt-Niederrad into a test field for simTD. The traffic model comes with algorithms suitable for using data from the test cars. The cars in the network send their positions and their driving speed to the traffic lights. Therefore, they contribute to the detection of the current traffic situation and to the optimization of the signal programs by the adaptive network control.

Traffic-adaptive network control and Car-to-X communication are two trend-setting technologies for sustainable road traffic. We are pleased that network control BALANCE is a part of simTD, and that we can benefit our experiences from previous projects: Integrated Traffic Management Center Frankfurt and TRAVOLUTION, a project that established traffic-adaptive network control and Car-to-X communication in the City of Ingolstadt.

Research Period: 2008 – 2012

Largest German research project on Car2X communication

Supported by the Federal Ministries of Economics and Technology, Education and Research and Transport, Building and Urban Development