Project Description

Reliable detector data is the basis for successful traffic management. The management strategies and intelligent transport systems do only work when the data is correct. Traffic management is built along a information chain, which comprises the detectors on the street as well as data preparation, operation and, of course, the road users. Within this information chain, clear rules are required, so that the quality of the product – i.e. the traffic information – can be guaranteed. The pilot project TRAFFIC IQ develops such constant quality features.

GEVAS software is a partner in TRAFFIC IQ. The project’s objective is a new concept for traffic data quality assurance. Data will be documented and classified along the entire value chain – from the detector via processing in traffic models to use in traffic management systems.

The project partners develop a multi-level system of quality monitors. The monitors implement test methods, which generate specific values for data quality. The concept will be introduced in several test areas in Germany, both in cities and on the autobahn.

GEVAS software is responsible for inner-city traffic. Here, we develop algorithms that are capable of automatic detection and correction of data errors. The results from TRAFFIC IQ will bring benefits for all participants in traffic management. Operators will dispose of continuous quality monitoring of their infrastructure. Providers of information services can use high quality data. Finally, the road users will benefit from a better data and information quality.

Research Period: 2008 – 2012

Supported by Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology