Project Description

TRAVOLUTION is a neologism combining TRaffic and eVOLUTION. It is thus a combination of traffic engineering and evolutionary optimization methods. In TRAVOLUTION, such methods were used for the first time in Germany for optimizing traffic control in a whole road network and to find the best possible Green Wave.

Less waiting times at red lights
In Ingolstadt, the four project partners have shown how modern technology can reduce the waiting times and stops in the road network. Car drivers have to stop at red lights much less. Since every starting and stopping of the car waste fuel, the improved traffic flow in the TRAVOLUTION network leads to less fuel consumption.

Network control with Genetic Algorithms
Network control finds the best light signal control for the entire traffic network and for all road users. The signal control constantly adapts to the current traffic situation. The Green Waves react on the traffic much better than more ordinary control methods. All in all, 46 light signal systems have been equipped with traffic-adaptive network control BALANCE.

Network control saves fuel and reduces air pollution
The TRAVOLUTION concept has a huge economic and ecological potential. Due to the new control technology, 700.000 liters of fuel are saved in Ingolstadt each year – simply because cars have to stop less. That also means 1.600 tons of CO2 pollution less in the air. In addition, the saved time can be used much more productive than while waiting in a traffic jam. The economic benefits of the new system exceed the investments already after one year.

A sensible step towards sustainable road traffic
Optimizing a road network is not about making traffic faster – it is about making it more fluent. TRAVOLUTION is one element for intelligent road traffic. Bicycle lanes, user-friendly public transport and economic car technology are other elements. TRAVOLUTION supports a better use of the existing infrastructure. The results achieved in Ingolstadt can be realized in many other cities!

Research Period: 2006 – 2008

Project partners:

  • City of Ingolstadt, Office for Traffic Management
  • Technische Universität München, Chair for Traffic Engineering
  • GEVAS software

Supported by Bavarian State Ministry of Economics, Infrastructure, Traffic and Technology


  • Ort im Land der Ideen 2009
  • Intertraffic Innovation Award 2010