Project Description

VinstaR is a project that GEVAS software has started together with Bavarian cities Starnberg and Ingolstadt and Technische Universität München. In this project, we deduce the actual traffic situation from travel times and speeds in the road network. The traffic situation is the basis for intelligent traffic control and flexible public transport acceleration. The data will be provided by the TomTom navigation systems.

In VinstaR, we want to solve a problem in traffic control especially for small and medium-sized cities. There is often a lack of detection facilities or other sources of information that would allow determining the current traffic situation. Such traffic situation data, however, is required for dynamic traffic control.
Therefore we will strike a new path in VinstaR and make use of the mobile navigation data. The navigation systems by TomTom that are on the road in Ingolstadt and Starnberg constantly record their movement data. In VinstaR, the traffic situation will be determined with this data. The new traffic situation does not required static detection and allows strategic traffic control – dynamic green waves, shorter travel times, better traffic flow.

Starnberg is affected by heavy transit traffic, which will be optimized with adaptive traffic control.

Since the TRAVOLUTION project, Ingolstadt is a reference city for intelligent signal control. In VinstaR, the city plans to harmonize the interests of individual and public traffic by intelligent public transport prioritization.

Research Period: 2013 – 2015

Project Partners:
GEVAS software, Chair for Traffic Engineering at Technische Universität München

Associated Partners:
County and City of Starnberg, City of Ingolstadt, Ingolstädter Verkehrsgesellschaft, gevas humberg&partner, TomTom

Supported by Bavaria State Ministry of Economic Affairs, Infrastructure, Transport and Technology