Project Description

VTmanager – Using Infrastructure Efficiently

Traffic management combines traffic control and traffic information to make optimal use of the road infrastructure in cities and urban areas.

A traffic management system identifies free capacity in the traffic network in advance, intervenes strategically in the control mechanisms and informs the road users, for example, on display boards, via radio messages, automatically via RDS-TMC or on tablets and smartphones.

Furthermore, traffic management provides vehicle manufacturers and suppliers of mobility services with traffic information. Cooperative traffic  management then uses navigation devices and C2X assistance systems to supply the vehicles in the surrounding area with this information.

VTmanager’s modular design means that it can be easily adapted to suit your requirements.

  • Strategy Management
    VTmanager.strategy allows an automated reaction to defined traffic situations and traffic messages by using workflow-based strategies. These
    strategies give you access to the subsystems linked to VTmanager and can, for example, switch traffic signals and message boards and forward
    traffic information to mobility services providers.
  • Event Management
    No matter whether it is a football match in the stadium or an accident during the rush hour, road works in the city center or a sudden congestion, with VTmanager.event you can record all the events relevant to the traffic situation, edit them and forward them as a traffic message in a targeted manner to the correct audience.
  • Traffic Situation
    The traffic situation module allows you to record and forecast the traffic conditions in your city and is therefore the basis for different traffic management measures, for example, strategy management or adaptive network control. In VTmanager you can use either our own model-based traffic situation module DRIVERS or integrate an external traffic situation system such as TomTom’s HD Flow traffic product.
  • Signal Control
    VTmanager provides comprehensive traffic computer functionality with an operating and fault-reporting system, automatic calendar function and traffic signal interfaces, such as OCIT-O.
  • Network Control
    GEVAS is a pioneer in the world of adaptive network control. In diverse cities, we control traffic signals using a model-based approach with the aim of attaining an optimal traffic flow for the entire network.
  • WEB-Display displays your traffic information comprehensively and in a state-of-theart way on tablets, smartphones and other terminal devices.
  • Quality Assurance
    VTmanager, with its quality assurance modules, ensures that quality and efficiency increase in your traffic system in a sustainable and verifiable way. Examples of this are the acceleration of public transportation in Berlin, detector quality in Leipzig and green waves in Düsseldorf.
  • Cooperative Systems
    The networking of vehicles and infrastructure using ITS G5 and mobile communications continues to improve. VTmanager provides various functions within the framework of cooperative traffic management and C2X services. VTmanager.predict, in particular, affords a city-wide forecast of switching times for your traffic signals and a signal stage assistant in the form of a smartphone application.




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