trafficpilot now also in Vienna and Salzburg

In the fall of 2021, trafficpilot was officially released in the two Austrian cities of Vienna and Salzburg. With trafficpilot, cyclists and motorists will be able to pass intersections without stopping or standing at red lights. For this purpose, users are provided with information about which signal they can expect when arriving at the stop line according to the trafficpilot’s forecast based on their current speed. With the help of the displayed green band as well as the voice output, they can thus adjust their driving speed.

Salzburg was the first Austrian city where trafficpilot was activated. Since 17.09.2021, road users can take advantage of trafficpilot and thus drive through the city in a more relaxed and steady manner. Up to now, the signal patterns of 141 traffic lights in Salzburg are predicted with trafficpilot.

In November (03.11.2021), trafficpilot was also able to go into operation in Austria’s capital. In Vienna, residents, commuters and other users already receive predictions for the green or red time at 75 traffic lights and can thus drive more efficiently by avoiding unnecessary stops. So far, the prediction area covers 17 km along the Donau Canal (both sides), Ringstraße, Prinz-Eugen-Straße and Landstraßer Gürtel.

The app “Grüne Welle Wien”, which was developed by GEVAS exclusively for the city of Vienna, also displays the prediction of the switching time.

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