After importing the lexicon I one of the following error messages from the compiler appear:

*** ERROR *** [xxxx] unallowed detector name (name is not in table)

*** ERROR *** [AG(TRT(21P)>0)A9] unallowed character(s) after signal group name

*** ERROR *** [Kxxxxx] Variable not defined in a table


All detectors that are defined as obligatory (“Must”) in the lexicon have to be defined in the detector table (see page 19 of the lexicon description from August 2018).

All of the obligatory constants have to be supplied in the constants table KTAB (see page 16-18 of the lexicon description from August 2018).

The lexicon also uses fixed signal group names for the public transport. These are 20, 21, 20P and 21P.


To be able to compile an intersection with an imported lexicon the detectors, the signal group and the constants have to exist, as the lexicon refers to them.