Project successfully completed.

After 25 months, the research project “KoMoD – Cooperative Mobility in the Digital Test Field Düsseldorf” funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) has now come to an end. One result: the ‘trafficpilot’ app for cyclists.

New technologies of vehicle-infrastructure-networking as well as networked and highly automated driving were implemented and tested under real conditions on a 20 km long test track,. The results of these tests were presented at a closing event on Monday, July 1, 2019, on the grounds of the Düsseldorf Youth Hostel. The event was opened by Hendrik Wüst, Minister of Transport of North Rhine-Westphalia, and Thomas Geisel, Mayor of Düsseldorf.

In Düsseldorf, the networked and semi-automated traffic on motorways and also in inner-city could be tested for the first time in the test tracks. On sections of the A57 and A52 motorways, at the Heerdter Dreieck, in the Rheinalleetunnel, on the Rheinkniebrücke, in the Friedrichstadt district and at the Vodafone parking ground were tested many scenarios in which cars communicated with the respective traffic infrastructure. The “trafficpilot” smartphone app was tested on the Luegallee in Oberkassel by bicycle.

Mayor Thomas Geisel emphasized: “The KoMoD project in Düsseldorf is working on the mobility of the future. Networked and future automated driving will make an important contribution to increasing road safety and traffic efficiency. At the same time, noise and air pollutants will be reduced. I am particularly pleased that the first application from KoMoD, which will be transferred to real operation, supports cycling and thus makes it more attractive. The smartphone app ‘trafficpilot’ shows the right speed for cyclists to stay in the ‘Green Wave’ and is now available for download”.

The new smartphone app “trafficpilot” for cyclists can now be downloaded from the App Store (iOS) and the Play Store (Android). This allows cyclists to ride the “green wave” comfortably by indicating them the right speed.

Test area Düsseldorf