CROSSIG – The Traffic Engineer’s WorkStation

GEVAS software planning tools are the right choice for traffic engineers/planners who want to plan, test and supply signal control systems.

The traffic-planning program library have some distinctive features:

  • Continuous supply chain according to OCA
    (Open Traffic City Assoziation)
  • Support of several traffic signaling guidelines (amongst others for German, Poland, Austria, Switzerland)
  • Independence from any specific signal control system
  • Products respect the engineer’s individual style of planning actuated traffic light control
  • Direct supply of traffic light controllers via TRENDS possible for a number of traffic signal controllers (amongst others AVT Stoye, A-Ster, Gesig, MSR, Imtech (STM), Swarco (Signalbau Huber, Dambach), Stührenberg, Sila, Vialis)
  • Supply of the model-based local traffic signal program PTV EPICS and of the adaptive network control PTV-BALANCE
  • Model-based optimization of green waves using genetic algorithm.
  • Support of OCIT interface

All our products have been proved in practice for decades and – like always with GEVAS software tools – can be combined among each other.

    CROSSIG has been developed further continuously since 1980 and offers every feature needed for planning traffic signal systems and green waves. The description language TRELAN and the graphical editor openTRELAN make traffic adaptive control transparent and practical.
  • TRENDS Kernel / TRENDS Test Station
    TRENDS kernel is an intelligent software kernel that executes traffic adaptive control in different software environments in the exact same manner. TRENDS kernel is used in many controllers in the DACH area (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), the TRENDS test station and VISSIM.


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Over 300 customers in 32 countries work with the CROSSIG traffic engineer’s workstation.