DRIVERS – Using Information to Guide Traffic

Ever increasing demands on urban mobility constantly present cities with new challenges. Compliance with European and international regulations on emission levels and the protection of sensitive residential areas and neighborhoods from through traffic are just a few of the tasks of urban traffic management.

DRIVERS is the model based solution for your traffic management. Precise traffic information is calculated in real-time and forecasted up to 60 minutes. Actual and future traffic information can be provided to road users automatically.

With DRIVERS, your SMART CITY will be even smarter.

Data Fusion in Real Time

In a modern traffic management center, data is accumulated from different sources. Floating Car Data (FCD), detector information, accident alerts and road works messages are just a few examples of traffic data from which intelligible information for the road user has to be generated.

DRIVERS allows you to collect this data and compare, validate and fuse it in real time. The model-based approach fills data gaps in the network and results in a coherent and comprehensive representation of the current traffic situation.

With DRIVERS, selected traffic events that have a spatial and temporal impact on the surrounding traffic can be predicted for different time frames.

Intelligent Traffic Management

The analysis algorithms in DRIVERS enable proactive traffic management. Current and future traffic information is provided simultaneously. Impending capacity bottlenecks can be avoided by appropriate measures.

DRIVERS is thus the basic building block of an intelligent traffic management system.

Open Interfaces

Thanks to its open interfaces, DRIVERS can be integrated into any traffic management center. Furthermore, its plug-in functionality allows almost unrestricted scope for enhancement of the system with new functions.

Current product scope:

  • Forecast of detector data
  • Calculation, forecast and provision of traffic demand matrices
  • Calculation of the current and forecasted traffic situation
  • Integration of online light signal system data
  • Integration and simulation of offline light signal system data from OIVD files
  • Integration of online Floating Car Data/Bluetooth/traffic flow data
  • Integration of event data (road works, lane and route closures)
  • Visualization of live data


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DRIVERS allows traffic managers to monitor real-time traffic.


Hamburg Port Authority (HPA)