Project Description

Adaptive traffic control in Krakow

Krakow is an outstanding example for how good tradition and modernity fit together in a large European city. Poland’s second largest city is proud of the rich historical heritage; it is a thriving cultural center and, thanks to the fabulous Old Town, a major tourist attraction. At the same time, Krakow is a dynamical business location. Many technology companies are based in Krakow, and so is our branch office GEVAS software Polska. So we are happy that our products for intelligent traffic control are in operation here.

In December 2011, Krakow Transport Authority ZIKIT has put into operation a VTcenter traffic computer by GEVAS software. Traffic signals by manufacturers Peek Traffic and Vialis will be connected to the traffic computer, and are currently being equipped with the TRENDS kernel, thus enabling intelligent local traffic control on two major roads. Furthermore, we are installing EPICS for adaptive traffic control at single intersections. EPICS allows efficient public transport prioritization in a convenient way.

BALANCE is the comprehensive control system in the traffic center. Traffic-adaptive network control BALANCE reacts foresighted and actively on changing amounts of traffic and creates green waves for whole road networks.

GEVAS software has installed the systems in Krakow over the year 2011, and the system will be extended in the years to come. Traffic-technological projecting of local control is carried out by our Polish partner company EKKOM.

ZIKIT – Zarząd Infrastruktury Komunalnej i Transportu w Krakowie