PUBLIQ – Software for Public Transportation

Since its foundation in the year 1980, GEVAS software has been pursuing the goal of improving urban and regional traffic flow by using innovative methods. Our tools and software components provide solutions for traffic management and signal control, for private and public transportation.

Our product group PUBLIQ provides an optimal, customer-oriented solution for mastering all the challenges involved in successful public transportation management.

Areas such as timetable editing and design, ticketing for special user groups (for example: school pupils), an intermodal transport control system (ITCS) that can be easily integrated into buses, dynamic passenger information services and quality management systems are all included.

GEVAS software is a pioneer in the acceleration and prioritization of public transportation. We are involved in many projects dealing with speed assistance and public transport prioritization.

PUBLIQ is particularly well-suited to regional areas and small transport companies, where it stands for easy access to intermodal mobility services and a cost-effective access to smart control systems.

PUBLIQ customers can improve and rely on high public transport standards even in times of limited budgets.

PUBLIQ.planning – Plan, manage & optimize

The core of PUBLIQ: timetable management represents a reliable foundation and basis on which transportation companies and transport associations or authorities can work. Several import and export standards ensure that each party involved in the public transportation system can send and receive timetable data in a suitable way. Maximum usability is provided with an integrated geographic information system (GIS). Further modules include a journey planner, preliminary planning of routes and courses to optimize the allocation of tenders and evaluation tools for traffic planners.

Local communities and town councils, private service providers, transport associations and transport companies in Germany and Austria have been implementing PUBLIQ to manage their timetabling issues for many years now.

PUBLIQ.information – Timetable design & passenger information

Information is a key to keeping your passengers happy: comprehensive timetables and up-to-date information at the stops and stations are essential for attractive public transportation services. PUBLIQ.information provides you with tools for timetable design, printing and dynamic passenger information.

Printed timetables are still an inherent part of public transportation services. Whether it be the information brochures available in the train or timetables at stations or bus stops, the TimetableDesigner will print clearly-arranged timetables using your individual layout. With its options for designing a layout individually, PUBLIQ TimetableDesigner stands out from its competitors.

The eStop module is an intuitive, user-friendly dynamic passenger information system. The eStop station monitor combines passenger information at stops and stations with a GPS-based real-time system in the vehicles.

PUBLIQ.operation – Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS)

Real-time information from public transport vehicles is the basis for reliable passenger information. Real-time data is also important for maintaining reliable connections. The data displays the exact delay of a vehicle and waiting drivers receive a reliable estimation of the anticipated arrival time. Our Intermodal Transport Control System (ITCS) collects real-time data from public transport vehicles and calculates possible delays.

This system is especially useful for smaller transportation companies with regional passenger services.

Precise, up-to-date information from the vehicles on the road is of utmost importance in public transport services. Drivers can use PUBLIQ.operation to report specific events or road conditions directly to the control center.

This represents a considerable improvement on earlier, more conventional positioning systems. Our monitoring system also offers a component for providing electronic information services at bus stops. In other words, public transport controllers can send messages directly to the display boards and waiting passengers are thus informed immediately about any unexpected events.

PUBLIQ.quality – Quality

Quality assurance applies to signal control, detection facilities, acceleration and prioritization for public transportation and, of course, the general state of the infrastructure.

Our PUBLIQ.quality modules can be easily integrated into existing systems and ensure that detectors and green waves work correctly.

Quality managers can use a mobile GPS device to enter and store data on stations and stops, technical equipment and footpaths or to count passengers. In other words, they can document the quality of their infrastructure on-site.

PUBLIQ.ticketing – Ticketing & school transport

PUBLIQ.ticketing unites our software solutions for free transport for school pupils and apprentices, which has been operating successfully for more than a decade.

Our expertise in areas such as data management, reporting and validation enables us to develop individual solutions for school transport in a short time and at a low cost.


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