Network control Regensburg

Since September 2011, a network control system by GEVAS software is in operation in Regensburg: BALANCE controls traffic at 33 traffic lights in the north of the city. We have built the system in cooperation with SWARCO, the manufacturer of the traffic computer in Regensburg.

With around 150.000 inhabitants, Regensburg is the fourth-largest city in Bavaria. Famous for its perfectly preserved medieval old town inscribed in the World Heritage List, Regensburg today is as well one of the most dynamic economic regions in Germany.

This has, of course, an impact on traffic in and around the city, for example high commuter flows. The north of Regensburg is of particular interest. For north-south traffic across the Danube, just three road bridges are available in the metropolitan area. North of the Danube, a large shopping center and a major commercial area attract a lot of traffic.

Now, BALANCE provides optimal traffic signal control in the whole area. In addition, we have realized a traffic situation report for the entire city. The control system automatically selects signal programs which are especially adapted to certain traffic situations and therefore improve the traffic flow.

City of Regensburg, Amt für Öffentliche Ordnung und Straßenverkehr