Traffic Computer Salzburg

The VTcenter system by GEVAS software in Salzburg is a traffic computer of the third generation. This means, it is designed entirely with open standardized interfaces.

All existing light signals with BEFA10 interfaces are connected to the new traffic computer. These old devices will gradually be replaced by new OCIT devices.

The new system meets the demands of the OCIT-/OTS Initiative, offering standardized interfaces and protocols. With OCIT, the City of Salzburg is independent from single signal manufacturers, which will lead to more competition.

Core of a future traffic management system

The conceptual design of the traffic computer will make it a central part of a future traffic management system in Salzburg. Consequently, the specification covers a wide range of functionalities.

Intelligent traffic-adaptive network control with Genetic Algorithms could be realized in the future, like in the very successful TRAVOLUTION project in Ingolstadt. Furthermore, both the City and the Land Salzburg could benefit from a new integrated traffic management, including traffic information on the Internet.

GEVAS software has built up the new traffic computer together with Swiss manufacturer Bergauer AG.

Magistrat der Stadt Salzburg, Straßen- und Brückenamt