TRISTAR is the traffic management system in Poland’s Tricity. The metropolitan area around Gdansk is commonly known as Tricity – in Polish Trojmiasto. Gdansk, the seaside resort of Sopot and the seaport of Gdynia are located right next to each other along the Baltic Sea. The whole urban agglomeration has more than 700.000 inhabitants.

TRISTAR currently is the most comprehensive ITS project in Poland. A metropolitan area with three urban centers is an exciting location for implementing the traffic management technologies by GEVAS software – and it goes perfectly with our cooperative and connected approach to intelligent traffic control. TRISTAR goes beyond the city’s limits and focuses on both individual and public traffic.

The traffic management system in TRISTAR is a joint project; GEVAS software is working on behalf of the main contractor, company QUMAK S.A. from Warsaw. Two identically constructed centers in Gdansk and Gdynia will serve for efficient traffic flow all over Tricity. The traffic management system will include strategy management, network control with BALANCE, local traffic optimization with EPICS, and acceleration of bus and tramway lines.

The Gdansk center has been put into test operation in October 2012. TRISTAR is scheduled for completion in late 2013. The project is co-funded by the European Union.