With a symbolic round trip, trafficpilot was officially approved and released in further traffic lights in Dusseldorf. On 29.09.2020, Florian Reeh, Head of Traffic Management Office  and Heiko Böhme, Project Coordinator of Digital Test Field Dusseldorf (KoMoD) accompanied the tour and answered questions from the press (see picture). With the release, trafficpilot has left the research phase behind. It is now the first smartphone service in Germany to offer “traffic light information” in regular operation.

From the over 600 traffic lights in Dusseldorf, 70 percent are displayed in trafficpilot. The app shows the speed that should be driven in order to catch the green wave in as many traffic lights as possible. If a “green time frame” cannot be reached, the user can roll out relaxed. A countdown during the “red time frame” shows when the signal changes back to green. This allows cyclists and car users to travel comfortably and stress-free in traffic.

The app was developed in cooperation with the city of Dusseldorf as part of the KoMoD research project. Besides Dusseldorf, trafficpilot is currently being rolled out in the cities of Salzburg, Hanover, Wuppertal, Frankfurt am Main and Kassel. In the follow-up project KoMoDnext, additional functions of the app have been developed since the beginning of the year. One of the goals is to register cyclists directly when they approach the traffic lights. By early registration, the junction can then be passed without stopping. This registration is comparable to the pedestrian request by push button or the vehicle request via detector.

copyright Landeshauptstadt Düsseldorf, Michael Gstettenbauer